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All Lyrics by Manekin
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"Manekin" Circle Logo by Rikko Syachputra


released April 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Manekin Palembang, Indonesia

Three-Piece Powerviolence who playing fast, rough, and bubbling, talking about how we didn't want to be so we don't want to be. e.g. to be sucks.
Imam - Guitar
Taxlan - Vocal
Billy - Drums
Dead Violence Society's Album Teaser : www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZPl_iMDQSk
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Track Name: Ship of the Sheeps
This ship drove towards to iceberg
Stacks inside of commodities
Stuck in theologies lies

No, not your problem not important,
I mean, are we not really to know?
It's about time gonna blow

Separated, uprooted,
Don't forget,
with ego above all else
Track Name: Patron
Patron for state, private property,
production machine, capitalist absolutely

What do you sense?
Think again your essence
Kindly you to turn a deaf ear
High uprightly your fantasy, sir

What the meaning of you?
Try tell us your really purpose
What the meaning of you?
Besides guard for who paid
Track Name: Circular Seduction
They called this sweet seduction as advertising
They (actually) already know,
couldn't sell again and again

Cage and covered
in the Logorama City
Manipulated our curiosity

and it was right,
Made us destinctive
and it was right,
It's the best right away

Be crowned the king

It's circular blow
just has lead us into dead circle
Seduce us to think us really the need it

Be crowned the king
Track Name: Reclaim
Creat Non-Possesors
Bring the Possesors
Seize the live completly
Privitized the land completly

Begin new expansion

Not just a save tag
They ask how we act
Still not want give a hand?
(then) Reclaim the land

In the presence of (capital) accumulation
just leava all we they never count on

So (?), reclaim (!)
Track Name: Manekin Manifesto
Take a red pill
Rid your Tablet® for a while
First feel painful it
to a level can't be tolerated

It's Manekin Manifesto

Think Politic can't do it (?)
but you not yet clear-sighted
How with a rejection?
Your'e nothing than a mannequin

It's Manekin Manifesto